Jarrito de Once

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This 4 oz. espresso mug is inspired by the Chilean meal tradition of "once" (pronounced own-seh). Chilean families enjoy this 4th meal or "once" as it is known in Chile either before or after dinner between 4PM - 9PM. The meal consists of foods you'd find during breakfast like fresh bread, avocado, deli meats, delicious jams, and butter. Jarrito means "small mug" in Spanish, and this small mug is a nod to the "Once" Chilean tradition and Marcello's upbringing in a Chilean family. It is used at Chef Junior Borges' Dallas-based restaurant Meridian.

Handmade with care in Dallas, Texas, this mug is made from high-quality ceramic materials including porcelain that are both durable and heat-resistant. Its unique shape is perfect for holding your espresso, providing a comfortable and comforting drinking experience.

The Jarrito de "Once" is not only stylish but also practical. Its small size makes it a great option for a variety of hot beverages, including espresso, macchiato, and cortado. It is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Each Jarrito de "Once" is unique and may have slight variations in size and color, adding to its charm and individuality. Overall, this handmade ceramic mug is a beautiful and functional addition to any coffee lover's collection, perfect for savoring your favorite espresso and adding a touch of peace to your morning or evening routine.