Texas Night Casa Mug

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The Casa Mug is built for slowness—unplugging, taking your time. Slowly sipping your tea or coffee. Slowly waking up or slowly winding down for the evening. As the name implies, the Casa Mug is for home, where we make our routines and rituals. 

At a spacious 16 ounces and 6.5 inches wide, you can get cozy on the couch or settle in with a book without having to get up to refill it. The thickness of the mug’s wall helps to retain heat. Its unconventional handle, an ergonomic grip inspired by the curve of a flower petal, sprouts out offering a concave cradle for your thumb.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.
16 oz., 6.5” W x 3” H

Dark, moody, and sexy, the Texas Night clay body is our Cloud clay body dyed porcelain and is my nod to ceramics-rich places like Japan and Oaxaca which have natural black clay deposits. It felt appropriate to dub it Texas Night due to its near-black shade of course, but I also released the collection on the same day that my dog Tex died—a different kind of dark night. The name is as much an ode to him as it is the clay’s deep hue.